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The aim of the graphic design is to give visual information about your products or services to the potential customers. With the graphic advertisement you promote your products and add some additional message to enhance their impact on your customers.

Graphic design is a common term for a set of skills which can be applied in a wide range of promotion strategies. The good graphic designer has not only wide general knowledge and a sense for marketing, but also attention to detail and knowledge about certain graphic software and digital applications.

The graphic designer uses a wide range of materials – images, illustrations, colors, fonts, “white spaces” and others for creating their graphic artwork. The first step of every graphic design project is to define the customer's needs. The designer also has to research the target market and to adapt the artwork to any cultural and social characteristics of the audience.

Usually the project starts with creating a rough sketch and an initial mockup of the design which has to be approved by the client. It is not enough for an artwork to look good, it has to deliver the right message and to promote the product in the best possible way. If the graphic design doesn't promote or sell this means it is not successful.

The web design is part of the graphic design. A “web designer” is a job position which requires certain scripting languages and software packages knowledge. The web designer can create not only your company website but also different online advertisement elements such as banners, sliders, presentations, info graphics and others.