Корпоративна идентичност

The corporate identity represents the appearance of a company. Its goal is to integrate identical design for all print and online advertising materials of the company. “The corporate mission” and the message the company wants to deliver need to be included in this process as well. Many companies invest much money and effort to create the appropriate corporate identity thus enhancing the impact on the customers. There a also many companies and studios specializing in assisting the firms to create their corporate identity and public image.

One of the most important elements of the corporate identity is the logo. It is widely used as a trade mark because it is easy to recognize and distinguishes one corporate identity from the another. That is why the logo has to be simple and easy to remember. The corporate identity also includes the color scheme, the general overview and a certain feel about a group of products to make them easier to recognize by customers. For example a tea company would use colors and graphical elements associated with the tea when designing the packaging of its products thus helping the customers to recognize them easier.

The trade marks of some big companies are familiar to many customers which indicates how important the appearance of the products could be. People from all over the world can recognize the classical font and the red and white color scheme of Coca Cola. Another indicative example is the yellow and red color scheme of McDonalds. Building influential and memorable corporate identity is of big importance because it has been shown that the customers can reject products that have totally different design scheme.

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